Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Resolve Iphone Error code 1600, 1604, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2009

I just found a way to save my iphone from throwing in to the sea.

Each time i'm trying to restore, i will get error 1600, 1604, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2009.

Apple had stated that this problem occurred, because of the USB port problem. And affected mostly Windows 7 :).

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OK, now is the step to revive your Iphone. 100% Works.

1. Fully charge you Iphone (or at least 50%)

2. Use a new iphone data cable/dont use ur present data cable

2. If u have problem with Recovery Mode loop, download Ireb 3.1.3 and Click Fix Recovery Mode Loop. If the problem is settled, then move to next, if not, just make sure that u can put your phone in recovery mode and recognized by Itunes.

3. Must disable any Anti-Virus. For temporary. After finish, you can enable again.

4. Optional Because this problem affected Windows 7. So run Itunes in Windows XP Mode. To do this, Right Click Itunes -> Properties -> Compatibility -> Check the Run this program in Compatibility Mode for: Windows XP Service Pack 3. Check the tun this program as the administrator ( Optional for this step 4 ).

5. Now shutdown your Iphone and run it in Recovery Mode, and make sure that it is recognized by Itunes, which appear the Restore menu, and you can click [shift + click] then select your restore firmware files as usual.

1. Just make sure that you have disable your anti-virus, and run Itunes in Windows XP Compatibility Mode

2. If your USB port/Cable is loosen up, hold tight your cable when plug in at the USB port untill iphone is finished restored or find finding to replace your hand to hold the cable.



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Anonymous said...

iPhone error code 2009 also can be fixed by some recovery tool.

Raj Uvaraj said...

thanks for the info on iPhone Error 1600 and what about the other error solutions ??